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Free Energy?

You decide....but send us your comments.


How does the Joe Cell work?Article by Alex Schiffer - Author of 'The Experimenter's Guide to the Joe Cell. Alex is a provate researcher and has a profound and practical knowledge of the Cosmic and Fringe sciences such as ORGONE ENERGY.

Starting a cell-A new article from Alex Schiffer. This is one of three new articles which should be of assistance to experimenter's. This material will eventually be published in his new book but is being released now so as to offer assistance to those involved in experimentation

Negative Energy-A new article from Alex Schiffer as above. Here he deals with the concept of 'NEGATIVE ELECTRICITY'. A deeper insight into the workings of the Joe cell.

The cell stages-In his book 'EXPERIMENTER'S GUIDE TO THE JOE CELL', Alex talks about the various characteristics of stages 1, 2 and 3. In this article he goes on to describe the most desired stage which is stage 4. If you have a stage 4 Cell you are ' REALLY THERE !!'.